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Desktop UV flatbed printer

Embossed effect and varnish printing make your Desktop UV flatbed printer look up more personalized and texture let your products have much more competitive.


Desktop UV flatbed printer uses UV-curable ink and digital printing technology to achieve print-instant dry, it can print on any material surface without limitations. we will analyze the application areas, production advantages and development direction of the desktop UV flatbed printer.
The original design and manufacturing purpose of the desktop UV flatbed printer was to print a hard material. It broke the limitation that traditional digital printing only on soft materials. It is an important breakthrough in the history of the digital printing market. Another benefit is that the desktop UV flatbed printer brings to us new business opportunities in a different field. Due to the diversity of printed materials, it has a wider range of applications which can meet a different kind of customers in various industries and materials.

Production advantages:
1. Suitable for any material
2. No need for plate making, printing fast and low cost, can use a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats.
3. With professional color management software, color can be changed in anytime, anywhere, color transition is smooth.
4. One step to complete, print-instant dry. Quick sample printing.
5. Quick small quantities production, Large quantities can be matched with mold printing, saving time and effort.
6. Full-color image, once completed, progressive color completely achieve photo quality effect, accurate positioning, zero scrap rate.
7. Independent production without professional experience, Skilled operation in 30 minutes,
8. Computer operation, saving labor cost
9. Print-instant dry, no manual drying.
10. Embossing effect printing
The direction of development:
In the future, the desktop UV flatbed printer is expected not only high in precision, but also fast in speed. More importantly, they should have a very strong quality. If you buy a desktop UV flatbed printer, it is very cheap, but the production impact caused by machine problem while you are using it.

As the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. If a machine constantly has kinds of problem, even it is cheaper, you won't like it because time and effort value more.

  • 2017 Top Selling Model with Classic Design

    2017 Top Selling Model with Classic DesignMore >

    • Model:NC-UV0609(2017)
    • Product Features: UV Flatbed Printer
    • Print size: 600mm * 900mm
    • Print height:100mm
    • Place of origin: China
    • Price: Pls inquiry us
    • MOQ: 1 set
    • Payment Method: TT 30% Deposit, the balance before shipment
    • Transportation: by sea,air, DHL,FEDEX etc

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