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UV flatbed printer prospects and profits
First of all, We will definitely consider the profits when purchasing a small format uv flatbed printer. So what is the profitability of small format uv flatbed printers now? We all know that we will never do a loss trading. Today we will analyze the profits of UV printers. We know that digital printing machines are commonly called universal printers. UV printers can print a lot of products, but I will not list them one by one. Only select some products for comparison.
The profit of small format UV flatbed printers is mainly divided into two major blocks:
1. For big products. We generally calculate the price according to the square (for example, metal, ceramic tile, background wall)
2. For smaller products, we calculate the price by quantity (for example, mobile phone case, gift packaging, bottle)

Let's talk about large products, such as tile printing. Generally, the cost we control is 50 rmb/m2, these costs include salary, water and electricity, consumables, and rent. However, the market profit of the tile wall is between 300-500rmb/m2. Let's calculate it, at the lowest price of 300rmb, 300rmb *8hs* 30Days = 72,000rmb, Cost = 50*8*30=12,000rmb, equivalent to a profit of 60,000rmb. These profits are very amazing, that means, there are orders, you can be recovered in one month, we can conclude that the digital printing machine is still very promising.

Let's take a look at the digital printing machine to make some small products profitable and mode. Let's talk about common products such as mobile phone case. On Taobao, we can see that the price of DIY mobile phone case is about 25rmb. The processing cost of the phone case is 1RMB, and the cost of printing by the small format UV flatbed printer is lower, about 0.2RMB. In a word, the printed phone case profit is 0.8rmb. Mobile phone case printers generally use Tx800 0609 UV printer, which prints about 400 mobile phone cases for 8 hours. The profit is 400 x 8 hours x 0.8 yuan = 2560rmb/day. So the reason why mobile phone cases are popular now is that, and now customers use several machines to work together, and the current profit is very large.

These are some simple examples. The small format UV flatbed printer not only creates profits for everyone, but also solves some of the pollution problems that printers produce. For customers who want to buy digital printing machine, please be bold and do the prospects and profits of small format UV flatbed printers.

  • Digital Printing Machine for Sale

    Digital Printing Machine for SaleMore >

    • Model: NC-UV0609XIII
      Product Features: UV Flatbed Printer
      Print size: 600mm * 900mm
      Print height: 150mm
      Place of origin: China
      Price: Pls inquiry us
      MOQ: 1 set
      Payment Method: TT 30% Deposit, the balance before shipment
      Transportation: by sea, air, DHL, FEDEX etc

  • Multifunction Digital Printing Machine

    Multifunction Digital Printing MachineMore >

    Model: NC-A4PLUS
    Product Features: Small desktop uv printer
    Print size: 235mm * 300mm
    Print height: 100mm
    Price: Pls inquiry us
    MOQ: 1 set
    Payment Method: TT 30% Deposit, the balance before shipment
    Transportation: by sea, air, DHL, Fedex

  • China Digital Printing Machine Manufacturers

    China Digital Printing Machine ManufacturersMore >

    Model: NC-FZ0609
    Product Features:  T-shirt digital printer
    Specifications: (300mm * 400mm)*2
    Place of origin: China
    MOQ: 1 set
    Payment Method: TT 30% Deposit, the balance before shipment
    Logistics Way: Transport by sea, Transport by air

  • Wooden box

    Wooden boxMore >

    Interested in digitally printing to wood? Read below for information on our UV LED wood printers.

    Nocai UV Printing machine are amazingly effective for wood printing. For printing high quality images, logos and text directly onto wood substrates up to very thick like a 3D embossed effect. Print full-color images onto wood directly with vibrant color and opaque white .

    Our Nocai UV printers are excellent for printing on finished woods directly like wood box can up 10cm height.

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