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UV Inkjet Printer

Frequently Asked Questions about 欧洲杯竞猜平台 uv inkjet printer 


Technical principle of uv inkjet printer

Inkjet printing technology of the uv inkjet printer can be divided into continuous inkjet and on-demand inkjet. According to the deflection mode, the former can be divided into duplex deflection and polymorphism deflection. The latter can be divided into solid and liquid inkjet.

The working principle of continuous inkjet technology is to use constant power device to give ink fixed pressure so that it can be ejected continuously and separated into ink droplets under the action of oscillator. According to the printing information of the uv inkjet printer, the control system selectively appends the charge to the ink drop. Finally, after deflecting the charged charge through the deflection electric field, the charged charge is ejected to the surface of the substrate to form the graphic and text information, and the uncharged charge goes straight into the recovery device. This is the two-state deflection. If the imaging charge is imaged in different positions in the vertical direction of the substrate due to the amount of charged charge, it is called polymorphism deflection. On-demand inkjet technology controls whether ink droplets are produced by controlling electronic signals. When the printing information is transmitted to the output terminal, if the ink droplets are needed, the ink droplets are ejected, which makes the printing surface form graphic and text information, which is simpler than the ink droplet live device and deflection hardware in the continuous inkjet system.

Liquid inkjet technology is the mainstream of on-demand inkjet technology for uv inkjet printer. The principle of on-demand inkjet includes two aspects: thermal inkjet technology and piezoelectric inkjet technology. Bubble inkjet technology mainly relies on resistance to convert electric energy into heat energy in the process of heating. Heat can vaporize the ink near the printer nozzle, spray ink, and print the target image or text on the printing paper. Piezoelectric inkjet technology is the use of piezoelectric film to produce mechanical vibration, through pressure to complete the piezoelectric original to control the whole process of inkjet, which does not need to heat the nozzle, energy saving and prolong the life of the printing head. At the same time, it can accurately control the size and injection position of ink droplets, and avoid the problem of image blurring. Most importantly, it reduces the requirement for ink selection, and ink that produces chemical reactions at high temperatures can also be used.

UV inkjet printer is actually the evolution of point matrix printers. UV inkjet printer uses hundreds of miniature guns instead of metal needles to spray ink points on the paper. As in point matrix printers, the characters the uv inkjet printer prints are still made up of points, but points are so small that they can’t be seen. Different types of uv inkjet printers spray ink in a variety of ways. In some uv inkjet printers, ink explodes to the paper in the form of bubbles by heating. In other uv inkjet printers, they use an effect called piezoelectric, in which the circuit controls a tiny current inside the printer, causing the microcrystal to swing back and forth and jet ink. We can simply think of the uv inkjet printer as a jet team spurting millions of ink dots on the paper every second.


Disclosure of consumables for uv inkjet printer

Ink, as an indispensable part of uv inkjet printer, plays an important role in output effect. So, what do you know about ink? When many people choose to buy uv inkjet printer, they will more or less know the ink. The quality of printing is greatly affected by the quality of ink. There are two main types of ink on the market: dye ink and pigment ink. So, what is the difference between the two? Dye ink is a molecular level fully dissolved ink, this ink is easy to be absorbed by the material, and it is easy to find the right color, so the printed picture is colorful and has a good expressive force. It is the first choice for printing pictures and making color spray business cards. Pigment ink is wrapped in a stable organic resin shell, and then prepared into ink, this ink has good stability and is the first choice for printing black and white text.

Just as gasoline is related to cars, consumables of uv inkjet printer are consumables product for uv inkjet printer. Users have to buy ink often, so some illegal vendors have the opportunity to take advantage of it. First of all, le’s compare the different printing quality between the original consumables and the counterfeit consumables. Only from the black and white text printing effect, the printing effect of raw consumables and counterfeit consumables is obvious.


Although both colors are black, the black depth of the text is different, and the light-colored text cannot be preserved for a long time. For many users, picture printing is often another focus of print output. Fake consumables in color processing and uv inkjet printer cooperation is not very stable, printing process biased color, ink phenomenon is serious. In order to reduce the cost of refurbishing ink, cheap industrial chemical raw materials are generally used to make it. When used, it emits choking toxic gases and dust, which is of great harm to people’s health. Not only that, the fake and inferior ink cartridge on the market usually lead to the ink leakage phenomenon. The actual number of printed pages is below the standard quantity, which will be resulting in hidden waste. As a matter of fact, the printing cost is actually higher than the original consumables.
Sometimes we don’t mean to buy fake uv inkjet printer ink, the market is in chaos, and we can be deceived if we’re not careful. So how do you tell the truth from the fake? You need to remember the following ways: starting in July 2017, authentic ink cartridges use new anti-counterfeiting labels. The label uses laser to produce the word "authentic" in English, and you can observe the rainbow gradient effect of the label from different angles. In addition, the 16-bit color anti-counterfeiting code can be obtained by scraping the label coating, the black and white QR code can be obtained by uncovering the label, and the authenticity can be queried by scanning QR code or landing on the official website.

Analysis on the industry trend of uv inkjet printer in China

A uv inkjet printer is a printing device that sprays ink through the sprinkler into fine particles onto the printing paper. Worldwide, the demand for printing equipment shows a downward trend, especially uv inkjet printer’ sales decline year by year. However, the trend of the Chinese market is different. The market size of printing equipment is increasing year by year. The demand for uv inkjet printer and laser printers is the main driver of sales growth.

UV inkjet printer industry’s upstream is the related parts manufacturing industry. From the appearance, the uv inkjet printer is mainly composed of shell, control panel, interface, paper holder, paper jam guideway, paper feeder, paper feeder expansion board and so on. The interior of uv inkjet printer is composed of mechanical system and circuit system, including ink cartridge, sprinkler, car machinery, sensor, transmission system and chip. UV inkjet printer industry enterprises are through distribution, direct marketing, e-commerce and other channels to sell products. The downstream application scenarios are mainly divided into three categories: commercial, household and SOHO.

With the increasing maturity of inkjet technology, the printing cost of uv inkjet printer is reduced, the printing speed is accelerated, and the expressive force of printing color is also better. The uv inkjet printer on the market has been enough to meet the needs of business, family and so on. The overall technical level is low, generally speaking, the printer in our country lacks the core technology, the development level is low. In the aspect of inkjet and laser printer, the domestic laser printer is the product of secondary development on the basis of foreign printer. The printer industry in our country is relatively small, most printer manufacturers are attached to the group company, or only as the printer business department of the group company. Because it is not the leading product of the company, there is not enough capital investment, which hinders the development of printer development in our country. At the same time, this system and structure also make the research and development of uv inkjet printer lack of long-term planning. In fact, printer is a kind of high-tech product with high precision and optical mechatronics, which requires high technology and production level, and needs production enterprises to formulate scientific development plan and a certain scale of capital investment. At present, the lack of core technology has become the bottleneck of the further development of printer industry and foreign trade in China. At this stage, the two mainstream technologies of printing equipment permeate each other. UV inkjet printer penetrates the commercial market while laser printers penetrate the home market. That is, the main application scenarios for uv inkjet printer have been converted to commercial. With the development of global mobile communication and mobile Internet, their functions are no longer limited to simple entertainment, but gradually through their more beautiful and intuitive picture, and more convenient operation shows more functions. This will not only impact the traditional personal desktop computer, personal laptop industry, but also gradually become the potential threat of printing equipment.


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