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UV Printer Flatbed

Nocai has been known well in a series of advanced equipment including all different sizes of uv printer flatbed, flatbed digital printer, phone cases printer, glass printer and leather printing machine. 

What are the characteristics of uv printer flatbed?

UV printer flatbed is a machine that can print color patterns directly on a variety of materials. It uses double negative pressure system and white negative pressure control separately, which can better guarantee printing fluency. The printing effect of UV printer flatbed is very good, and most manufacturers will randomly distribute a large number of high-definition picture base, such as printing D effect, relief 3D effect, plane ordinary color printing effect, dynamic 5D effect and so on. Why do some people say uv printer flatbed is good? At present, the key to the survival and development of uv printer flatbed in spray painting industry is that uv printer flatbed realizes personalized printing technology and meets the needs of many industries. From the earliest fast printing of graphics and text, after years of accumulation and development, uv printer flatbed has changed from quantitative to qualitative. In the aspects of application, application format and application scale, uv printer flatbed has made great breakthroughs and achieved rapid development.

First of all, UV printer flatbed is widely used in materials, and it has high performance price ratio and good quality.

The printing materials which can be suitable for UV printer flatbed are more extensive. Whether it is wood, glass, plastic and such kind of ordinary materials, or crystal, leather and other special materials, UV printer flatbed can complete the printing work on these materials, which solves the problem that the traditional printing equipment has a limited scope of application.


Second of all, the solidification time of UV printer flatbed is short. For printing inkjet, everyone hopes to get printed products quickly.

The low price and high-quality UV printer flatbed takes less time to solidify. It mainly reacts with UV rays through uv printing ink, so it can solidify ink quickly. Generally speaking, the solidification effect can be obtained by using uv flat plate printing. The last but not the lease, the color of the UV flat screen printer lasts a long time. UV flat printing ink is a special material, but once solidified, the material will maintain stable physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the color of the product coming out of the UV printer flatbed can be maintained for a long time, and it will not fade with other external climate changes, such as temperature and so on. Therefore, it can be suitable for many kinds of exposure to sunlight and outdoor product printing.
UV printer flatbed is widely used mainly because it not only has its own unique aspects, such as suitable for printing special materials such as leather and crystal, but also it can obtains ink solidified printing products in a short period of time. Although the solidification time is very short, the printed color can have a long color preservation time in terms of preservation time. At last, for your own good, UV printer flatbed is both profit-making tools and consumables. In fact, the real cost of it is very low, but this is ignored by many customers. If you want UV printer flatbed to print at a lower cost, you are also fastidious when buying it.

What are the common applications of UV printer flatbed?

It is well known that UV printer flatbed has occupied most of the printing market in just a few years mainly due to the convenient operation mode and flexible printing scheme. Its powerful advantages have led more and more industries to switch from traditional printers to UV printer flatbed, and today we will talk to you about what industries UV flat panel printers are used in.

First of all, advertising processing.

Traditional graphics and text advertising processing is mostly the use of fax machines, inkjet machines, and these equipment in soft materials have a good printing effect, but to process plate products do not play a role at all. With the increase of plate advertising products, more and more advertising processing bosses began to hope that there is such a device to print on the plate. And with the emergence of UV printer flatbed, these bosses get what they want, they do not hesitate to buy one hoping to seize the market step by step. Every boss knows that only by doing it first can let them make more profits.

Second of all, wardrobe, cupboard and glass door.

Wardrobe and cabinets can be used by almost everyone at home, and the market demand in this respect is very large, so the manufacturers of wardrobes and cabinets are also all over the country. Traditional wardrobe and cabinets are in a variety of shapes, but printing patterns of cabinets are rare. If these cabinets are printed with beautiful atmosphere patterns, will it be more popular with market consumers? The answer is obvious. According to the data survey, UV printer flatbed have opened up a new road for the industry, and the cabinets processed and produced through UV printer flatbed have been loved by a large number of consumers once they are on the market. According to statistics, China is the largest country in the global mobile market with 70% of the demand space. Glass door is generally used in study room, living room, bedroom, wardrobe, shower room and other places. UV printer flatbed can print ordinary flat glass, plexiglass, frosted glass and other types, and what’s more, the color and pattern can be freely designed. There is indeed a large market in the moving market, and it is also the direction of everyone’s pursuit of personality development.

Third of all, electrical panel.

Electrical panel refers to all electrical appliances. Common electrical appliances include washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, power switch paste, oil extractor, industrial equipment, which are classified as electrical appliances. Enterprises will print simple text or LOGO on these products. Although these patterns are relatively simple, screen printing can also do this. But because the operation process of UV printer flatbed is simple, and the speed is fast, so more and more enterprises also choose the former one between operation process and screen printing.

The last but not the least, maternal and infant supplies

The living standard of people in modern society of maternal and infant products is getting higher and higher, and more and more attention is paid to safety and health especially for infants and young children. UV printer flatbed can not only greatly improve the efficiency of enterprises, but also, more importantly, the ink of UV printer flatbed is green and environmentally friendly, which solves a big problem for many industries with strict quality inspection.


Efficient use skills of UV printer flatbed

UV printer flatbed, with the advantages of fast, accurate, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, wide scope of application and so on, rapidly rose in the spray painting industry, which is a shock to the traditional spray painting industry. But do you know how to make better use of the UV printer flatbed and maintain it so as to maximize its effectiveness?

First of all, good ink is the key to saving.

UV printer flatbed must choose the original ink, do not choose the original ink cartridge. Because almost most ink cartridge will place sponge, there will be a lot of sponge dissolved in the original ink cartridge, so the stainless steel filter selected by the ink outlet cannot meet the standard, which will often cause nozzle blockage, the consequences are inestimable. Second of all, the UV printer flatbed need to be set to save mode. Set the UV printer flatbed to save mode when the cartridge is installed for the first time. The number of ink cartridges that can be sprayed is uncertain depending on the way you choose to spray them for the first time. If the UV printer flatbed cartridge is first loaded in photo mode, even if only a few photos are sprayed, a little more ink will have to be calculated on the program. If you choose the saving mode at the beginning, the program can calculate a lot of ink consumption less, and still show that there is still room for ink in the case of almost complete ink consumption. The third of all, if it is just a general document, it is recommended to choose the "economic spray-painting method". This method can save nearly half of the ink, and greatly improve the speed of painting. If you specifically require spray painting accuracy, then you have to choose a high-precision spray painting method.

As for the maintenance, when the UV printer flatbed is finished, be sure to clean the surface and interior. And when not using UV printer flatbed for a long time, it should be placed in a dry dust-free room, and sunscreen measures should be taken. For sprinkler, ink road system and so on, the cleaning of these parts needs special cleaning agent and cleaning method. For dust on the surface, try to use a dry rag. When cleaning important parts such as sprinklers, be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, or ask the after-sale personnel of the UV printer flatbed manufacturer to clean. Because of the unique way the UV printer flatbed works, the site where the UV printer flatbed must be placed must be a flat ground. Inclined and uneven ground will affect the printing effect and slow down the working speed of the nozzle, thus affecting the overall printing speed. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the surrounding hygiene and cleanliness to prevent dust from lifting into the interior of the machine. If handled improperly, serious cases will also damage the internal structure of the machine.


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