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UV printer suppliers

欧洲杯竞猜平台 Co., Ltd, which is a professional UV printer suppliers engaging in the design,producing,sales and after sales services of digital printing machine,UV flatbed printer and T shirt printer fields.

  • Customer Site - 21 units phone cases print

    Customer Site - 21 units phone cases printMore >

    As we are selling small size UV flatbed printer,customers who bought our machines are mainly for small size items printing but not advertising field,like the phone case,all kinds of small promotional items(pen,pencil,pvc card,wood,small metal signs,glass,acrylic sheet and so on),especially the most popular industry,phone case printing.

    As phone are changing models very fast,so as the phone case.So phone case printing becomes a very popular business which is born to meet customers’ needs.

    If you have a picture,our machine can print those pictures you would like to print on your phone case,that means you can put on whatever picture you would like on your own phone case.

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