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欧洲杯竞猜平台 Co.,Ltd.

Company Strength:

欧洲杯竞猜平台 Co, Ltd was established in 2005. R&D, manufacture, marketing and technical services support, all are proceeded by our company with experienced and professional team.

Company Strength

Quality assurance:

Before the shipment of the machines, there are strict quality control. To guarantee the quality, all the machines will be tested by 5 steps: self-inspection, mutual inspection, actual print testings, automatic inspection and delivery inspection.

Quality assurance

In February 2012, our trademark registration was successful; In December 2012, we got the CE certificate ; In June 2015, We was awarded China national innovation fund which were just for technology based firms.


Every year, the exhibition attracted a lot of customers from all over the world, and now we have developed our Turkey agents, India agent, Bangladesh agent, Indonesia agent. Now more and more distributors are on the way to launch our machines in their countries via the exhibition and internet.

Company Exhibition
Company Exhibition 02
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Product advantage:

  • 1. High precision and automatic control system;

  • 2.White ink stir and ink volume alarm system can reduce print head clogged;

  • 3. Printing software support all the languages that you want;

  • 4. Original RIP software supports white ink & color inks printing at the same time

  • 5. One year’s warranty and lifetime maintenance

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