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欧洲杯竞猜平台 Co., Ltd, which is a expert UV inkjet printer producers and UV printing computing device manufacturers engaging in the design, producing, sales and after-sales services of the digital printing machine, UV flatbed printer and digital tshirt printing laptop fields.
Investing in UV flatbed printers that should definitely not be rushed. And even though the initial price tags on many of the best small format uv printer on the market can also be not-ideal, the potential return on investment for your business can be sky-high – as long as you find the proper UV inkjet printer.
Nuocai production of a variety of UV printing machine, ordinarily inclusive of flatbed uv digital printer, UV printer flatbed, desktop UV inkjet printer and digital printing machine.Nocai has been the supplier and manufacturing of small UV flatbed printer and small structure UV flatbed printer with many years of enterprise experience and sturdy technology in UV printing machine, especially be successful in small flatbed printer products and a2 size UV printer.
Small flatbed printer is also known as a universal printer. Its printing principle is to edit and modify the printing design by the software system(AI.Photoshop, Coredraw). Then use the special control software to print on different material directly with the UV ink. To produce the goods with high-precision.
It creates higher printing quality than traditional methods and fully meets the high-intensity mass production requirements of various industries. It is widely used in silk screen printing factories, toy factories, furniture factories, plastic products factories, bottle products factories, metal products factories, glass products factories, crystal products factories, acrylic products factories, gifts item factories, stationery factories, advertising processing factories, etc.
The UV flatbed printer has the following application advantages:
First, it is compatible with different industries, unlimited material and it will not damage materials.
The small flatbed printer can not only print on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also print on soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials; It can be printed on inorganic materials and Complex, varied organic materials. It is more and better compatibility with materials. The small flatbed printer can avoid the problems of material selection in screen printing, water transfer and avoid the damage of thermal transfer on organic materials such as leather, cloth and cotton. It caters to the diversified needs of the market and can provide users with more comprehensive production services.
Second, the printing process is simple.
The machine does not require the steps of plate making and repeated color registration and various types of tools and materials for screen printing and thermal transfer. To saving Labor costs and simple operation are the characteristics of small format UV printer, you only need to prepare an ordinary computer and an operator who is with low experience requirements as long as they can understand the simple image processing software and perform the printing operation independently.
Third, the accurate print position can avoid the problem of positional offset encountered by manual printing.
Small format UV printers no longer use traditional simple printing mode and method for manual operation and craft printing. They are connected to the computers and combined with automatic control technology to lock the area and location to be printed Accurately to avoid the problem of positional offset encountered by manual printing. There is no problem of color registration by one-time multi-color printing These advantages can also be combined effectively with engraving, etching, etc. To print beautiful images in the engraved area or to perform precise etching after printing. The small flatbed printer has made new breakthroughs and pays a better role in the industries of engraving and etching.
Fourth, very suitable for pictures that require color transition.
The traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, it can hardly make all color transitions according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have a clear color boundary. Between the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. In particular, many products require high-precision, high-complexity patterns such as printed trademarks and logos, and the application of gifts and handicrafts are more extensive.
Fifth, professional application for more uncommon industries.
The small format UV printers can change the printed content and the printing effect at any time, and can perform one-to-one digital printing without the tedium of plate making. There are product codes on the metal nameplate behind many products, and each group code corresponds to each product; for example, the factory employee's job badge and work permit can also be printed according to one-to-one numbers, and can also add avatar photos, etc. The small flatbed printers are simple to operate and low cost.
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