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After-sales Service

欧洲杯竞猜平台 Co.,Ltd.


欧洲杯竞猜平台 Co., Ltd, as the manufacturer of uv printer in Guangzhou for over 10 years, we will be able to offer both OEM & ODM service.

1. OEM:

MOQ: 10pcs;

For OEM cooperation, customer will give all the design of the printer and provide the logo by himself. Then Nuocai will work together with customer to have the final available design of the printer.

The copyright of printer design and logo belong to customer and Nuocai will not be able to offer the same design to anyone else.

2. ODM:

MOQ: 10pcs;

For ODM cooperation, Nuocai will provide the current designs of printer to customer as options. Customer will need to provide the logo by himself.

The copyright of printer design, except the logo, belongs to Nuocai and Nuocai will be able to provide the same design printer to other customers unless customer buy the design right of the ODM one.

Agent Policy

欧洲杯竞猜平台 Co.,Ltd.


1. Requirements of agency cooperation:

  • A. Approbate Nuocai’s company culture and the performance and quality of Nuocai printers;

  • B. Has his/her own sale network or plan to promote Nuocai printer in local market, online or exhibition promotion;

  • C. Has his/her after sale service team, or will have after sale service team to serve customer. And will send the engineer to our company for training;

  • D. Has the demo printer to show to local customer first;

  • E. Willing to grow up with Nuocai, on marketing and the printer upgrade;

  • F. Reach to year’s sale target.

2. Process:

  • A. Submit the background information of potential agent for Nuocai’s reference and approval;

  • B. Come to Nuocai company to discuss the detail terms of agency cooperation;

  • C. Have the agency agreement, set up the sale target;

  • D. Buy first demo printer and Nuocai offer the training and technical support to agent.

3. Support and service:

  • A. Nocai brand support: Nuocai authorizes agent to promote and sell Nocai brand printer on local market;

  • B. Marketing support: Nuocai will give marketing advices about how to promote the printer on local market and keep following up;

  • C. Technical support: Nuocai will offer training to agent’s engineer in the factory at least 3 times per year and offer be able to send engineer to customer’s place to guide their engineer and solve problems;

  • D. Design support: Nuocai will keep upgrading the technology and design of the printer and offer the more and more variously printers.

4. Agent advantages:

  • A. Nuocai is a famous uv printer manufacturer in Guangzhou for over ten years, more experienced of produce and sale of uv printer;

  • B. Nuocai design, produce, sell and do after sale service by ourselves, our superior technology and high quality materials been used which ensure the high quality of Nuocai printer;

  • C. Nocai has been a famous brand for a few years in the market, have a lots faithful and loyal customers and earned highly reputation;

  • D. Nuocai has a professional afer sale service team to serve customer and solve the problem here. On site service also available once it’s needed.

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